Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the one you love? Whether you are shopping for a wife, husband, girlfriend, or even a friend, we've got amazing valentine's day gifts anyone will love! While we think any Plantlife product is a great gift, here are our top recommendations to help you decide what to get!
For a limited time, we created a few sets that are perfect for Valentine's Day like the Pink USB Diffuser with Fresh Flowers blend, Heart Bracelet with Love Blend, or Passive Wood Diffuser with Uplift Blend! You can check out all Valentine's Day Gifts here.

A home massage is a great way to show someone that you love them. In fact, touching has been greatly researched and studies have shown that touching can make us feel happier. Our Enhance Romance massage oil has an alluring sweet and earthy aroma that promotes a sense of closeness and desire making it the perfect romantic night must-have!

Flowers are an iconic Valentine's Day gift. But how many times have you wanted to make those flowers last longer? Give the gift of a fresh bouquet of flowers in a bottle! When diffused, this synergistic blend of floral notes fills the air with its enchanting aroma. Best of all, it doesn't wilt!

Show the love with our Love essential oil blend! Another amazing blend that makes a perfect gift for the aromatherapy lover. This alluring synergy of pure essential oils has notes of sweet vanilla and citrus combined with sensual patchouli and sandalwood.

Another iconic gift for valentine's day is jewelry. Our Aromatherapy Bracelets are beautiful and make a unique gift that she will be sure to love. We have a wide variety of colors and stones from a deep purple Amethyst to a beautiful silver druzy agate; or go for a classic style with our Heart bracelet! Pair with an oil like our Love blend or we also have a bracelet set that comes with Lavender.

Diffusers make a great gift for anyone. We have ultrasonic diffusers in a variety of styles that look great anywhere and we also carry a few passive diffusers that can be placed in small spaces like the car! We love our Wood Passive Diffuser for its unique and cute style. Its easy to clip onto the vent in the car or place on the counter in the bathroom. Our USB Diffusers are excellent for on-the-go as well, fitting perfectly at home, office or in the car.

Perfect skin is difficult to achieve. Get hydrated, more healthy looking by moisturizing with our body oils! Make them feel pampered with a 4 Pack of Body Oils, or pick out your own scent you think they would love! While all our body oils smell amazing on anyone,  we recommend Lavender, Ylang Ylang, or Orange Blossom for women and for men, try Patchouli, Fresh Mint, or Lemongrass!

Give ultimate relaxation with our incredibly nourishing bath salts, made with french sea salt and rich plant oils. These salts help nourish the body with over 84 trace minerals while plant extracts help moisturize and keep skin soft; all without any chemicals or synthetics! A hot bath can be very romantic as well, so why not bring it a step further with our mineral bath salts? We recommend Relax (comforting citrus aroma), Lavender (soothing, peaceful aroma), Balance (floral geranium and spice aroma), or Stress Relief (a floral lavender aroma).

Our mists are great because they are versatile. They can be used as a room spray, linen spray, or hair and body mist! Not to mention, they also smell amazing! For valentine's day, who doesn't love to smell great? We recommend trying out the Uplift mist, Lavender Mist, or Peppermint mist. If they love spicy aromas, our Holiday mist is a great year-round sweet and spicy smell.

Soap makes a great gift for anyone and any time of the year. We've got incredible aromas and soap that doesn't dry out the skin or make it feel tight. Our soaps are gentle, moisturizing, and help retain the natural properties of the skin. Made with plant botanicals and essential oils, our soaps are vegan, cruelty free, and made with love. Choose from over 20 different aromas or get a pack of our 6 top sellers! You can make it personal as well by doing a Build-Your-Own 6 pack as well.

These kits are like bringing the spa home! They include a 4 oz massage oil, 4 oz soap, 3 oz bath salt, and an exfoliating hand scrubber. Everything in one package that can make someone feel pampered and loved. Single? Have a galentine's day party and make it a spa day by giving each person a kit! Choose from amazing 7 synergy blends; we recommend Stress Relief, Lavender, or Relax!
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