Super Bowl Party Tips

Super Bowl Party Tips

The big game day is coming soon and for many, that means a super bowl party is in the works. Entertaining can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We have curated a few tips on how to be the best host without breaking the bank.

  1. Try not to stress

The only thing that should stress you out is the score of the game. It is your party and you should be enjoying it with your friends and family. This, of course, is easier said than done but, an easy way to sneak moments to calm yourself if with one of our beautiful aromatherapy bracelets. Not only are they stylish they also come in many different styles that can go with any outfit. Our build your own bracelet sets come with lavender essential oil which is amazing to use to calm the nerves. Essential oil blends like frankincense & myrrh, relax, and peace not only smells amazing but will help keep grounded during the party.

  1. Double Check Your Soap Supply

Since finger foods are typically on the menu that means people will be heading to your kitchen or bathroom to wash their hands quite often. Frequent hand washing can dry out the skin, but our natural foam soaps will help clean without drying the skin. It is gentle, moisturizing Castile foam soap contains only ingredients straight from nature, no harmful chemicals or synthetics added! Keep one of our body lotions next to it for those who need a little extra moisture.

  1. Turn On Your Diffuser

Diffusers such as our USB portable diffusers are perfect for small spaces like the restroom. With many guests coming in and out of such a small area it is nice to add a pleasant aroma. Passive diffusers are great additions to end and coffee tables, they are small enough to still allow room for guest to put down cups and plates. Check out our amazing collection here.

  1. Keep Arnica Handy

Entertaining tends to consist of a lot of walking and sometimes running around. Keeping our arnica balm or oil handy to target areas like your feet, neck, and hands that may be sore after a long day. Both are long lasting, quickly absorbing, non-staining, non-greasy, and chemical free!

Hopefully, these tips help make your party fun for you and your guest!
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