Hand Washing Vs Hand Sanitizer

Hand Washing Vs Hand Sanitizer

Many news articles and almost daily changes in regards to Covid-19 are making it hard to navigate through the overload of information. There is one thing that remains the same; washing your hands is effective against Covid-19. That's great to know, but what about hand sanitizer? Today we will breakdown what we know to be true.

Is using hand sanitizer better than washing your hands?

Simply put, the answer is no. The CDC recommends using soap and water to wash your hands whenever possible. This recommendation comes from the fact that soap and water are more effective at removing germs like Cryptosporidium, Norovirus, and Clostridium Difficle. Studies show that hand sanitizer is less effective when used on hands that are heavily soiled or greasy.
According to the CDC "Some data also show that hand sanitizers may work well against certain types of germs on slightly soiled hands. However, hands may become very greasy or soiled in community settings, such as after people handle food, play sports, work in the garden, or go camping or fishing. When hands are heavily soiled or greasy, hand sanitizers may not work well. Handwashing with soap and water is recommended in such circumstances".

What if soap and water aren't available?

If you are unable to wash your hands, then using hand sanitizer immediately should be effective as long as the one you are using contains 60% alcohol. For it to be most effective, you must rub the sanitizer into your hands until completely dry.
In conclusion, it is best to wash your hands instead of using sanitizer whenever possible. Our plant-based foam soaps and bar soaps are wonderful options for your washing needs. With over 20 options, you are sure to find one you love!
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