Lavender: All Natural Sunburn Relief

Lavender: All Natural Sunburn Relief

We’ve all experienced the misery of a sunburn. For some, no matter how much we cover up or slather on the sunscreen, it seems the sun’s magical, UV rays still manage to infiltrate our defenses. Virtually anyone who spends time outdoors is susceptible to sunburn and it is wise to know the natural way of soothing the pain and discomfort associated with them.
Did You Know?
Sunburns are caused by overexposure to UV radiation. UV radiation is mostly found in the sun’s rays however, you can also be exposed to this same radiation in certain tanning beds that use UV lights. The average sunburn usually appears within 24 hours of exposure to the UV radiation, though the pain is most intensely felt between 6 and 48 hours after exposure. Skin peeling can result approximately 3-8 days later. Remember to drink plenty of water after prolonged sun exposure to not only re-hydrate your body, but your skin as well. You’ll certainly want to avoid alcohol when you are sunburned as it can delay healing.
The Natural Way
There are quite a few natural remedies out there to help relieve the pain of a sunburn, but it's always great to rely on our old friend Lavender Essential Oil and its amazing healing and soothing benefits. Lavender is one of the few essential oils which can be applied topically directly (without dilution) safely. It is also considered safe for all ages in topical applications.
After-Sun Care
We at Plantlife have developed an entire line of healing, skin conditioning, 100% pure Lavender products ideal for after sun care. Plantlife Lavender Body Lotion, Body OilLavender Soap and Lavender Body Wash contain no parabens, synthetics, chemicals, artificial dyes or fragrance which may impede healing. Immediately following sun exposure, I like to dab a little Lavender Essential Oil directly onto the affected area. This is excellent for small areas like the tip of the nose or forehead. For larger areas like the back, shoulders, stomach and legs, you might want to try a skin spritz or compress or Lavender body oil.


For an ultra soothing sunburn aid, combine 8 ounces of cold water with 20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and soak a clean cloth in the mixture. Place on affected area for 10 minutes at a time. Repeat as often as needed

Skin Spritz

For a refreshing and healing after sun skin spritz, try this recipe:
1 – Clean 4 ounce spray/mist bottle
4 – Ounces of cold Aloe Vera Juice (not Aloe Vera Gel)
20 – Drops Lavender Essential Oil
Combine ingredients and shake well. Spray over affected areas multiple times per day and refrigerate in between uses.
If you prefer to apply a more solid substance, simply mix 4oz of Aloe Vera Gel with 20 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and apply to skin delicately. Keep refrigerated in between uses for extra cooling relief
When to Visit the Doctor…
Some sunburns may require medical attention. If you suffer fever, dizziness, chills, extreme fatigue or even large blisters accompanied by discolored skin, you should seek professional medical assistance.
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