Easy Ways To Use Essential Oils At Home

Easy Ways To Use Essential Oils At Home

We thought now would be a great time to teach you five awesome ways to use essential oils at home. Using 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils is important when trying to experience the full powers of these amazing oils. Products labeled as “fragrance oils,” “perfume oils,” or “natural fragrance” can contain synthetic chemicals that are toxic. They are not Essential Oils and should NOT be substituted for pure essential oil.

1) Massage

Essential oils are used to help achieve the maximum healing result during a massage. The therapeutic properties of essential oils penetrate deeply into the skin. They circulate throughout the system providing optimum benefit to the mind and body. The oils will quickly absorb into the skin and senses, making them excellent for massage. In addition, inhaling the vapors enhance emotional and physical well being.
How to use essential oils with a massage:

  • Mix a few drops with a carrier oil and massage into the area needing treatment.
  • Apply a few drops to a cloth and inhale.
  • Use a diffuser in the massage room to disperse essential oils into the air.
  • Use essential oils in the steam room (add to water).
  • Make your own essential oil blend/massage oil (use our scent free massage oil as a base) or use Plantlife Aromatherapy Massage Oil (synergistic formula of essential oils) for your next massage.

2) Compress

Using compresses is a simple yet effective way to treat specific concerns such as pain, sprains, and circulation problems.
Make your own compress with a thin cotton hand towel soaked in a solution of hot or ice cold water and essential oil. Dip the towel in the solution and wring out excess water then apply the towel to the area needing relief.
A cold compress is excellent for swelling, bruising, headaches and fever. A hot compress is good for muscle pain, cramps and boils. To determine what essential oils are used for a specific ailment or treatment, get a book on Aromatherapy.

3) Bathing

Taking a bath is an age old ritual for cleansing and relaxation. Maximize the benefits of a warm bath by adding essential oil to the bath water.
Just add a few drops to the water to soothe the stresses away.
Add some Epsom salt to ease muscle aches and pains or try Plantlife’s Aromatherapy Bath Salts (which contains the perfect mixture of mineral rich ingredients and 100% pure essential).

4) Diffusing

Diffusing essential oils releases molecules into the air and aids in reducing bacteria, fungus, mold and unpleasant odors. It also promotes well being unlike synthetic fragrance. Only a few drops of essential oil are needed for the benefits of diffusion (always diffuse essential oils in water).
Diffuse Eucalyptus during the flu season, it is great to ward off sickness. Try Lavender to calm your mind and promote sleep.
Keep your home fresh by diffusing Grapefruit or Lemon. Each essential oil has its own wonderful aroma and healing properties that are enjoyed through inhalation.
Check out this video to learn how to diffuse essential oils:
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3jQYWAty6w[/embedyt]

5) Cleaning

Using essential oils to clean with is safe and non-toxic for the whole family. Make your own cleaning products easily by combining your favorite essential oil with simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda or liquid soap.
Get a book on Aromatherapy for which essential oils are best to clean with and recipes.
Here are a few ideas:

  • Make your own air freshener by adding 5-10 drops of essential oil to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle.
  • Add lavender to your laundry wash or dryer sheet to freshen and brighten your clothes.
  • Use Peppermint to keep the mice away.
  • Eliminate bacteria by adding Tea Tree to the rinse water when cleaning your counter tops and floors.
  • Make your carpet smell naturally clean and fresh with essential oil.

Existing Products

Use essential oils in any existing product to add value to the products! As an example, add Tea Tree to your favorite shampoo and conditioner instead of buying the expensive brand and get the same benefits. Even use essential oil for a craft project! Essential oils are nature’s gift to us! They are pure plant extracts and contain healing, therapeutic value. They are excellent for health, wellness and a natural lifestyle. Enjoy!

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