Argan Oil: Beauty Powerhouse  or Fad?

Argan Oil: Beauty Powerhouse or Fad?

Argan oil seems to have appeared on the scene and take the beauty world by storm.  We can easily get caught up in trends only to find they aren't beneficial at all. So, what's the truth? Is argan oil just a fad? You can take a sigh of relief because in this case argan oil lives up to its superior claims.
Although argan oil has been gaining more attention in recent years it has been around since the ancient times. Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Argania Spinosa tree that is native to Morocco. Inside the little fruit of  the Argania Spinosa, there is the small nut. These nuts are collected and pressed to extract the oil. By law, Berber women of Morocco are the only people permitted to extract argan oil from the nuts of the trees, as a means to promote the women's financial and social independence. Talk about girl power!
Rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phenols, and carotenes,  argan oil is in a league of its own.  The trocopherol from the vitamin E boosts cell production and regeneration which works wonders on  your hair. This liquid gold is a natural anti-oxidant making it ideal for your skincare regime. It is highly moisturizing and greatly recommended for acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkle reduction and stretch marks. It is also excellent for dry scalp, damaged hair, and strengthening nails. Use alone (like a moisturizer) or add your favorite therapeutic essential oils to reap the maximum benefit of this rich, luxurious oil.  The key to unlocking this magical oil is using 100% pure organic argan oil. When diluted, as some skin companies do, the product loses much of its health and cosmetic value. Luckily for all of us, Plantlife offers 100% pure argan oil! There's also an amazing Argan Skin Bar which is great for the face.
Not sure how to use this carrier oil? That’s okay, we’ve got some recipes that are sure to help your hair and skin!
For Skin

Massage Oil
4oz – Argan Oil
10 drops of essential oil of your choice
As a carrier oil, Argan mixes well with essential oils. Plantlife has a variety of essential oil blends for just about any mood. Just add 10 drops for every 4 ounces, mix, and start your massage! (Maybe light some candles too.)
After Bath or Shower Moisturizer
8oz – Argan Oil
20-25 drops essential oil (optional)
Argan oil can be applied directly, without an essential oil, but if you would like to add an essential oil for smell or added benefits, try mixing 20-25 drops of an essential oil of choice to 8oz of Argan oil and apply after shower or bath before toweling off. You can add a few more drops, but try not to go overboard, as the aroma may change after fully combining.
Face and Hand Moisturizer
Argan Oil
Apply a very small amount, just about a drop or so, to a clean face before going to bed or in the morning. Argan oil is easily and quickly absorbed into the skin so it won’t leave it looking greasy for long (unless you use too much!). Can also be used on dry hands and cuticles in the same way.
Argan Body Butter
1 Wide Mouthed, Sterilized container
½ Cup Shea Butter
1/3 Cup Argan Oil
1 teaspoon cornstarch
10-15 drops of essential oil (optional)
Place Shea Butter in a mixing bowl and begin to beat with a stand or electric hand mixer until soft.  This may take a while.  Note:  If the butter is too hard, soften slightly in the microwave for 10-15 seconds.  Do not melt in microwave. Gradually add the Argan oil slowly.  Blend well between additions.  Blend in cornstarch. Blend in 10-15 drops of Essential Oil. Mix until all ingredients are fully incorporated and spoon into the sanitized jar.
Argan Oil Acne/Problem Spot Treatment
Small sterilized container
1 oz Argan oil
4 drops Tea Tree essential oil
3 drops Lavender essential oil
6 drops Rosemary essential oil
3 drops Lemon essential oil
Mix Argan oil and essential oils in container. Apply small amount to acne or problem spot with clean finger or Qtip as needed.
For Hair

Quick Hair Repair
4oz – Argan Oil
10 drops – Rosemary Essential Oil (optional)
For all over hair repair, add a small amount to hands and apply to wet, toweled dry hair.
For treating dry ends, apply a very small amount to hands and rub into ends of hair thoroughly.
Argan oil to dry hair can also make it look shiny and sleek, but remember, a very small amount goes a long way!
Hot Oil Hair Repair
4oz – Argan Oil
10 drops – Rosemary Essential Oil (optional)
Massage Argan oil thoroughly into dry hair and scalp. Wrap hair in a hot towel for 1 hour. Wash hair to remove Argan oil. You can also heat the Argan oil to a comfortable tempature and then work it into your hair and scalp for better results, but be careful as oil may quickly become too hot and may cause burns.
Scalp Repair
4oz – Argan Oil
10 drops – Cedarwood or Spikenard Essential Oil
Mix 10 drops essential oil per 4oz of Argan oil and massage thoroughly into scalp before bed. Leave on all night and wash oil out of hair in the morning.
What essential oils should I use with Argan oil?

You can use whatever essential oil you like, but there are a few essential oils we would like to point out that would be great to combine with Argan oil for skin and hair use.
Bergamot – For dry or oily skin; Helps with Dermatitis
Cedarwood Atlantic – For dry, oily, or acne prone skin; Itch relief; Helps with Dandruff and Eczema
Fennel – For dull, oily, and mature skin
Grapefruit – For oily or congested skin; Hair and body toner
Jasmine – For dry, greasy, or irritated skin
Lemon – For oily skin and hair
Neroli – Balances skin and hair pH; Controls sebum production; Regenerates skin cells; Helps with scarring and stretch marks
Palmarosa – For acne prone and mature skin; Helps with Dermatitis and cell rejuvenation
Rosemary – Tones hair and skin; Promotes hair growth
Spikenard – Helps with Dermatitus, Dandruff, and wrinkles
Sweet Orange – For dull, oily, or acne prone skin; Brightens and conditions skin
Tangerine – For oily skin; Skin softener and toner; Moisturizing
The information provided in this article has not been reviewed by a medical professional and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any condition.
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