Dive into Fun: Discover Our Best-Selling Bathing Ramies for Kids

Dive into Fun: Discover Our Best-Selling Bathing Ramies for Kids

Welcome to a world of bath time bliss with our best-selling Bathtime Ramies! Designed for both kids and parents alike, our cotton and hemp bathing scrubbys with natural ramie on their tummies offer a gentle and enjoyable wash. Dive into a realm of fun and cleanliness as we introduce you to our kid-tested and parent-approved bathing creatures – that just happen to make wonderful Easter basket stuffers!


Bathtime Fun for Everyone:

Make bathtime an exciting adventure with our charming bathing creatures! Crafted with soft, natural materials, each animal is meticulously hand-sewn with a big smile, making them irresistibly cute. The best part? Our naturally dyed creatures have no removable parts, ensuring a safe and worry-free bath time for all.


Kid-Tested, Parent Approved:

Our cotton bathing scrubbys are not only kid-friendly but also parent-approved for their exceptional quality. The natural ramie on their tummies provides a gentle wash, making it suitable for even the most delicate skin. The soft and naturally dyed creatures, devoid of removable parts, are designed to bring joy and ease to bath time routines for all ages.


A Perfect Treat for Your Kids:

Transform your child's bath time into a delightful treat! Our kid-tested and parent-approved soft, cotton, and hemp bathing scrubby, with natural ramie on its tummy, ensures a gentle and enjoyable wash. The creatures are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, hand-sewn with a big smile to captivate the hearts of children of any age.


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable:

Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our dedication to creating a positive bath time experience. Enjoy our natural accessories, the perfect complement to your bathing routine. Our hand-made, sustainable, and eco-friendly hemp scrubbers are crafted from wild-crafted materials, ensuring a guilt-free bathing experience.


Say goodbye to mundane bath times and introduce a touch of magic with our best-selling bathing Ramies. Tested by kids and approved by parents, these soft, naturally dyed creatures with natural ramie on their tummies are the perfect addition to your child's bath time routine. Make bath time fun, safe, and eco-friendly with our hand-sewn, adorable bathing scrubby companions. Don’t forget to grab a few while the collection is on sale, as they make the perfect fun addition to your Easter basket.

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