Best Diffuser For Your Office Space

Best Diffuser For Your Office Space

When it comes to diffusers, finding your perfect match can be confusing. This can especially be true when looking for one for your office space. Diffusing has benefits that many of us like to enjoy at home and work (if possible). So, bring a little aromatherapy to your office to help get through the workday. Here are a few options you should consider.

Work From Home:

When you work from home, there can be a little flexibility when it comes to background noise. Typically, music played at a low volume is viewed as acceptable. That is why our Barrel Diffuser is a great choice for your home office. Its unique look makes it an interesting talking point if you have visitors. This awesome diffuser also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while listening to your favorite artist or podcast!

The Mobile Office:

Maybe you don't have a conventional office. This means your car is where you get most of your work done, or you pop in between office spaces. Our USB diffusers are great for those that travel. Easily plug it into your car or laptop for aromatherapy on the go. It comes in three different colors, which will allow it to match almost any aesthetic.

Personal Office:

If you have your own closed-off office it's easier to be able to use a diffuser compared to if you were at a cubical. Our candle diffuser adds a sophisticated design to any office space. It gives the appearance of a softly light candle without the fire! One of the best parts of this diffuser is the remote control feature. This allows you to turn the diffuser off as you make your way out of the office or when you have a co-worker walk in.

Close By Cubical:

When it comes to diffusing at your desk, it can be hit or miss. First, you will want to make sure your co-workers are informed of your plans and what oil you will be diffusing. Our passive wooden diffuser would be great for a space like your cubicle. It's small enough to easily fit on your desk without taking up too much room and powerful enough for you to smell it without overpowering a large office space.
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