Aid for Japan

Our hearts go out to the people of Japan. With the recent, tragic events which have devastated the very foundation of this beautiful country and people, it is heavy on our hearts and minds to do what we can to send aid. Since 2002, Plantlife has been donating to various non-profit organizations. We have supported charities which fund women developing their own businesses and sent children to school in Africa (some are in college now!). We have given to other causes from Breast Cancer and Fibromyalgia research to organizations who have built homes for people in Haiti - to name a few. As a company, we have chosen not to market our charitable efforts because they are a part of Plantlife’s heart. We give because we want to, not to gain customers. With grief and helplessness weighing on us, we have decided to change our way of thinking and invite you to participate in our efforts. We have chosen to publicly announce that 40% of all sales (not just profits) from our website will be donated to relief and restoration efforts in Japan. No special codes are needed. Any website order, big or small qualifies no restrictions. Ends April 13th, 2011 All monies raised will be donated to organizations that have low or no administrative costs so that the majority of funds will be distributed directly where they're needed instead of to administrators. Haiti is an example of misappropriation of funds. Where did all of the money go that the world contributed? People are still living in tents and very little restoration has taken place in their county. But, that is a different story for another day. Update:  Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise $5,000.00 which was donated to Samaritan's Purse (click here to read more).
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