DIY Easter Basket For Kids

DIY Easter Basket For Kids

Easter is a joyous time filled with egg hunts, lots of candy, and Easter baskets! Although you can walk into most stores and buy a pre-made basket we wanted to give you a fun idea on how to make your own.

Step 1. Fill the basket with shredded paper. This will allow your products to display higher.

Step 2. Pick multiple animal ramies you know they enjoy. Our kid tested and parent approved cotton bathing scrubbies have natural ramie on its tummy for a gentle wash. These soft, naturally dyed creatures have no removable parts. Our collection of creatures includes a bear, bunny, panda, crab, dolphin, cow, duck, frog, hippo, monkey, octopus, penguin, polar bear, puppy, starfish, turtle, and wale. These will go around the border of the basket.

Step 3. Build a 6 pack soap set for them to use with their new ramie friends. Some of the favorites amongst children are Vanilla Orange due to it smelling like a delicious 50/50 bar. Black soap since it changes the color to an awesome dark gray! Coconut Lime because of its bright citrus smell. Lavender to help calm them before bedtime. Cocoa Mint is popular among children not only because it smells amazing, but it looks super cool too! The sixth soap we recommend is Eucalyptus. This is soap has amazing deodorizing properties, perfect for active kids. Our six pack comes in a box, so simply remove the lid to expose their new collection.

Step 4. Lastly, they'll need a great moisturizer after their bath. So, choose a few of our amazing body oils! Place them next to the 6 pack box.

If you're on a tight budget then make sure to check out our factory seconds! These are perfectly good products that have package defects.

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