Plantlife User Suggestion: Fusing Plantlife Aromatherapy Soap Bars!

Plantlife Soap user Phillip A. emailed us recently with his brilliant idea of fusing two complimentary Plantlife soaps together.  Read the email below for an exceptionally fun idea for fresh bars as well as left over soap bits!  We love this concept and appreciate Phillip sharing with us.
I've been using PlantLife Patchouli soap for many months now and recently bought some Sandalwood when my retailer restocked it.  I don't have a convenient way to use multiple, separate bars of soap and it occurred to me to simply weld the two together with a bit of water - the way I'll often salvage the last bit of a bar by welding it to a new one. Since the aromas of the two are so complementary, I felt that I could use the two together with pleasing results.  I discovered I could weight the fragrance by using one side of the combo bar more on one side or the other, use one side exclusively or both more or less equally.  One day I'll start experimenting with other varieties of PlantLife soaps.


The two fresh bars, ready for water-welding:
Freshly stuck together with a bit of water to soften the contact surfaces and allow bonding:

A well-used dual bar.  The Sandalwood side is thinner because I found myself using it more often than, or in greater proportion to, the Patchouli.  The Sandalwood was new to me with this combo bar and couldn't resist indulging myself in its fragrance:

Thanks again Phillip for sharing this fun and creative idea!  I know I'll be trying out a Chamomile/Lavender  and a Vanilla Orange/Abrosia combo ASAP! Pictures and idea submission by Phillip A.
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