Our Favorite Things...

Our Favorite Things...

I know this isn’t “The Sound of Music” nor am I Oprah but, I thought it would be fun to share a few of our employees favorite things with you so you can see that we love and use the wonderful products we make!
So I polled some of the front office crew and asked them to share their favorite Plantlife product and why they enjoy using it. Here’s what I got!

Patty Taulbee – Does a little of everything but not much of anything…
Favorite Product: Bar Soap
OK so the running joke with people who know me is that I always have a "new favorite" product. If you spend any time with me, you would hear all about what is good for you and what is not good for you (skin is your largest organ and EVERYTHING gets absorbed into your system)! I always look past the marketing hype on everything and look at the results…results ALWAYS speak the truth!
When I was getting into making my own body care products years ago, I did so because the result from products I was using caused dry skin, cracked skin, chemical sensitivity, weird bumps on my skin, clogged pores, and the list goes on. All I knew was that the more I slathered stuff on, the worse it got. Now, many years later, I understand why and I am grateful that I cared enough about myself to not listen to the marketing hype but do my own research and come to my own conclusions. I'm supposed to be writing about my favorite Plantlife product but had to precede it with a little about me…so whoever reads this understands I'm not just trying to promote product.
Plantlife products are all awesome…for many reasons. Probably the most important one is the ingredients. It's like cooking, if you use fresh, high quality ingredients, your dish will have more nutritional value and taste better. All Plantlife products are made with the purest, freshest, highest quality ingredients.
When I think about which Plantlife product is my favorite, I can't decide. They are all awesome and so healthy for the body. I think though if I have to choose one, it would be our soap. Plantlife soap is very moisturizing, has a fairly neutral Ph and always makes me feel soft and clean (and the aromas are all soooooooo yummy). Every time I take a different soap home from work, I report back and tell everyone about my “new favorite” (Plantlife has 28 different soaps)! I've tried other products to wash with but I always go back to our bar soap…why, because of the results and the aromas!

Nancy Baldini – National Sales Manager (really)
Favorite Product: Sore Muscle Massage Oil
My favorite product is the Sore Muscle massage oil. After a long commute sitting in rush hour traffic, by the time I get home my shoulders and back are so tense, I immediately turn to my sore muscle massage oil. Within minutes the tension is gone and the soreness has faded away. I also massage the bottoms of my feet after working a long day at a trade show or just wearing those “oh so cute” shoes (that are not so cute by the end of the day).

Judy Smith - Everybody’s Favorite Person (in the whole world)
Favorite Product: Foam Soap (Fresh Mint to be specific) and Herbal Lip Balm
I simply cannot live without Fresh Mint Foam Soap. I love the fresh and lively aroma of this soap and the clean rinse formula. I really like the fact that I can clean almost any surface and the aroma fills the air and lasts all day.
Running a close second to the Foam Soap, you’ll never find me without an Herbal Lip balm (or ten). I don’t really use the lip balm the traditional way. With my advanced wisdom (age) comes pretty thin skin which is prone to minor cuts and scrapes. The herbal lip balm eases the pain and helps my skin to heal quickly without scarring.

Jennifer Howe – Tid Bits and Whatnots Coordinator (I just made that title up)
Favorite Product: Geranium Essential Oil
This one took me a while. I was just so torn between the Sore Muscle Bath Salts and the Geranium EO but, a decision had to be made and I went with the one product I use most often. I don’t exercise enough to warrant Sore Muscle Salt baths every night…
Let’s put aside the fact that I adore the floral aroma of Geranium Essential Oil almost as much as I love “new baby smell”, the insane and numerous benefits of this wonder essential oil make it my numero uno, most favorite product ever in history. Ok, that’s a little dramatic but seriously folks, it’s in the top five for certain.
I first used Geranium in my homemade skincare products (including toner and body oil) and loved the effects. The toner tightened and brightened while the body oil moisturized and balanced my skin. The more I researched, the more in love with the oil I fell.
Having an hormonal imbalance can be quite disturbing (just ask my husband of 12 years). The aroma-therapeutic effect of Geranium helps to balance my hormones, therefore my emotions, therefore my life. As an added bonus, just 10 drops in my bath water, helps quiet my tumultuous mind before bedtime.

Carrie Garcia – Production Manager (biggest job of all!)
Favorite Product: Ginger Berry Body Oil and Lemongrass Body Wash
I had to pick two because there is no way I could choose just one! For me, the Ginger Berry Body Oil is the best thing since sliced bread. Nothing beats rubbing the oil into my skin after a shower or bath and feeling the softening effects hours later. Also, I’m a busy mom and don’t have time to get regular pedicures so I rub a little Body Oil into my feet after the shower and they stay soft and supple with no cracking or sandpaper texture.
I have to also choose Lemongrass Body Wash because my kids love it. With three boys (4 if you count my husband), you can imagine soap is a hot commodity in our house. The Body Wash is not only a hygienic alternative to bar soap since it’s shared but, it also makes a great bubble bath. Plus, I don’t have slippery pieces of soap to scrub off the bottom of the tub afterwards.

Remember, we're always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can email us at info@plantlife.net or give us a call Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm PST.
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