Meet Our New Diffusers!

Meet Our New Diffusers!

With the holidays around the corner, giving the gift of aromatherapy is a wonderful way to show loved ones you care. Using a diffuser is one of the many ways to enjoy essential oils, especially for those in need of a little relaxation. Diffusers work by propelling the essential oil molecules into the air, which allows you to reap the benefits when in the room. Want to learn how to use a diffuser? Check out this quick video below:

Now, let's meet our awesome new diffuser collection!

  1. Barrel Diffuser

Our Barrel Diffuser if perfect for any bar top. This wonderful diffuser has a cool and unique design and is made from BPA-free plastic that looks like a realistic wood-grain. It has 1 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours of timed diffusing settings. The best part is that it doubles as a blue tooth speaker! You'll be able to enjoy aromatherapy and your favorite tunes at the same time.
2.  Beehive Diffuser

As you can see by the image, our beehive diffuser looks just like its name! The BPA-free plastic resembles a beehive with faux wood detailing. The light changing feature adds a fun twist to nighttime diffusion.
3.  Candle Diffuser

This cool design has the appearance of a candle with soft candle-like lighting in a metal lantern. It has a detachable design where the candle can be removed and operated separately from the base. Our Candle Diffuser is perfect to use in or outdoors.
4. Dome Diffuser

The lattice detailing and 7 different color options make our Dome Diffuser the perfect gift! This BPA- free diffuser also features a low-water auto shut off feature, which is helpful for those new to essential oils.
5.  USB Car Diffuser

Our USB Car Diffuser is perfect for the wanderlust lover. Its sleek design is made to fit into the car for a portal diffusing experience. This diffuser also has continuous or intermittent diffusing settings.
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