Fabulous Foam Soap

Fabulous Foam Soap

While the foam soap vs. liquid soap debate rages on, I’d like to take this opportunity to throw my support behind foam soap formally and publicly. It may not be the most important issue on the table but, it is a worthwhile conversation nonetheless. Especially if it makes your life easier and saves valuable resources!
Generally speaking, Foam soap reduces waste as it is easier to lather and requires less product than traditional liquid soap for each washing. Those of you with kids can appreciate this! Additionally, we offer a 16oz refill bottle so you can reuse your original pump bottle which reduces packaging waste.

Let’s Talk Foam

Our versatile and creamy Foam Soap makes my daily life a breeze since I use it on nearly every surface; skin, hair, countertops, dogs, edibles, ceramics… you get the idea. This wonderfully rich foam rinses clean (even in my mother-in-law’s softened water) and leaves no residue whatsoever.
It’s also non-drying. We begin with Organic Coconut Oil and add Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and pure essential oils in our formulation. Our foam soap won’t dry out your skin like other, chemical based foams. It also has a special blend of essential oils known for their anti-bacterial properties to kill all those nasty germs, naturally.
For those of you who suffer from Celiac disease or are on gluten-free diets, the Foam Soap is an excellent alternative to hand and body washes as they are all completely Gluten-Free. Also a great product to use if you are on the HCG diet as it’s coconut based!
Since the ingredients are so pure and simple, our Foam is great for all ages and skin types.


I suppose you all know how to use our Foam Soap in general but did you know that it is actually quite the multipurpose product?
  • Hand & body soap – keep it at all your sinks and showers for an easy, no mess, germ free clean.
  • Fruit and vegetable wash – naturally without chemicals!!!! Rid your fruits and veggies of    excess dirt, sand, waxes and pesticides. A little goes a long way.
  • Countertop cleaner – Say goodbye to hours of rinsing standard cleaners and soaps off your supposedly clean countertops. The rinse clean formula makes this task super easy. Try Lemongrass for its fresh aroma!
  • Shaving cream – A lathery and moisturizing alternative to chemically propelled shaving cream.
  • Face wash – Lavender for all skin types (especially sensitive); Lemongrass for oily, acne prone skin and Patchouli for aged skin.
  • Hand washing dishes – It cuts the grease and rinses clean, what more can a person ask for?
  • Dog shampoo – If you’ve read my previous blog “For the Dogs – Natural Recipes” you’ll know I love using our foam soap for my puppy’s bath time! He gets the skin soothing, aroma-therapeutic benefit and I don’t throw my back out trying to rinse him clean.

A Flavor for Everyone

Plantlife Foam Soaps come in an array of fun and aroma-therapeutic aromas to make your house smell heavenly:
Fresh Mint – Fresh, clean and uplifting! My personal favorite for the kitchen.
Ginger Berry – A fruity aroma…ideal for all ages.
Lavender – Calming and gentle, a great choice for any room in the house.
Lemongrass – A crisp and clean citrus aroma…top seller!
Patchouli – Earthy and inviting aroma. Great for aged skin.
Vanilla Orange – A perfect aroma for kids as it smells yummy!
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