Essential Oils For The Office

Essential Oils For The Office

Essential oils are not just for home use! Using essential oils in the office can be a great way to boost mood, create a happy or relaxing atmosphere, and even keep people focused. There are so many different oils with unique smells and properties, so how do you know which ones are best to diffuse? Check out our list below for a few of our office favs! If you have an office to yourself, you can easily bring in a diffuser and your favorite oil to diffuse. However, sometimes offices are an open space shared by several or many people. If you do choose to diffuse, ask around first and see if there's something that all of you will like.



Bergamot is a light, citrusy smelling oil. It makes the air feel fresh and promotes an uplifting and calming mood. It has antidepressant and deodorizing qualities and is great for stress and fatigue.



Rosemary is a stimulating oil that can help promote concentration and focus. The aroma when diffused is invigorating. It is great for helping reduce mental fatigue and sharpen memory and awareness.



Peppermint's sharp, minty aroma can help improve focus and get rid of work fatigue. When diffused, this oil is stimulating to the mind. This is due to the naturally occurring compound called menthol in Peppermint.



Citrus essential oils are another great option for fatigue. Not only are oils like Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Grapefruit stimulating, but they are uplifting and mood boosting as well. Lemon works well for mental fatigue, but also helps increase concentration and improve anxiety, while lowering stress levels. Grapefruit oil is helpful if you feel lethargic as when inhaled, it is said to help with adrenal fatigue. Sweet orange oil can help reduce stress, which is a cause of fatigue, and improve mood and energy.



Cedarwood essential oil can be great for high stress work places. It is great for calming the mind and relieving stress and its woody aroma smells good when diffused!



Similar to Rosemary, Basil is a stimulating oil for the mind that can help focus the senses, relieve fatigue, and lessen mid-day lethargy.



For emotional stress, Clary Sage is an excellent oil to diffuse! It also may help boost mood and deodorize the air.



Are people getting sick in the office? Try diffusing eucalyptus oil. When diffused, studies have shown that it can help kill viruses. Why? Eucalyptus has a compound in it called eugenol, which has shown to have antiviral properties. It is also deodorizing for any smelly offices!



Our Focus essential oil blend is a synergy of oils known for their stimulating, rejuvenating properties. This blend is excellent for mental fatigue, increasing focus, and reducing lethargy. Plus it smells amazing too!
Ready to diffuse? Try making your own blend with these office recipes:

Soothe & Stimulate – a calming, yet uplifting blend
5 drops of Bergamot
4 drops of Lime
2 drops of Cedarwood
1 drop of Patchouli

Citrus Spark – an uplifting and stimulating blend
4 drops of Lemon
1 drop of Peppermint
1 drop of Basil

Clear Concentration – a fresh, light and focusing blend
2 drops of Lavender
2 drops of Lemon
2 drops of Lime
2 drops of Rosemary

Mid-Week Pick Me Up – uplifting blend for fatigue
2 drops of Sweet Orange
2 drops of Peppermint

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