Essential Oils For Immune Support

Essential Oils For Immune Support

Fall is right around the corner and that means flu season is almost here. In addition to washing your hands often, covering your mouth when you cough, and wearing a mask to prevent spreading germs, essential oils can offer immune support. While you can't prevent getting sick all together, let's talk about the essential oils that can help before and after you're feeling under the weather.


Eucalyptus is an excellent oil to have around. When diffused, studies have shown that it can help kill viruses. Why? Eucalyptus has a compound in it called eugenol, which has shown to have antiviral properties. Another reason Eucalyptus is great is because it can help with congestion. One way to use it is through inhalation and by combining it with hot steam, this oil can really help open the airways. To do this, heat water until boiling, carefully pour into a heat safe bowl on a level surface and then add the eucalyptus oil. Drape a towel over the back of your head and lean over the bowl until you are able to breathe in the vapors but not close enough to where you touch the water and close your eyes. Inhale deeply and slowly for about 5 minutes. Steam inhalers are also available online, but you should check with the manufacturer if it is safe to use with essential oils.


Tea tree is one of the most commonly used essential oils, besides Lavender. It has a wide variety of uses due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties. In one study, tea tree oil was shown to be beneficial against the flu virus when sprayed into the air, as well as when applied to surfaces. You can diffuse tea tree in a diffuser or you can make your own room spray by combining 25 drops of tea tree, 1 oz of witch hazel, and 3 oz of water into a 4oz spray bottle. Shake before spraying and then spritz!


Our protect blend is made using essential oils that are known for their immune support and antibacterial and antiviral properties. This blend not only smells great, but can be diffused or made into room sprays, hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays and more. The formula is based on a well known blend that comes from an old story based on four thieves who used a special blend to protect themselves from the plague while robbing the dead bodies. A little gruesome, but effective nonetheless. Research has shown that a similar blend of oils have effective antiviral and antibacterial properties.


Cinnamon is typically thought of to be a holiday aroma, but its a wonderful oil to have around all year! This is because of it's antimicrobial properties. One study showed that cinnamaldehyde, which is a main compound of cinnamon oil, was effective inhibiting certain bacteria and mold. Diffusing this oil definitely makes the house smell amazing!


Frankincense may not be the first essential oil that you think of for when you get sick, but it can be a great oil to have around during flu season! According to one study found that frankincense showed strong immunostimulant activity. This means that it helps stimulate the immune system. This oil also has disinfectant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. You can diffuse this oil or try diluting it in a carrier oil and massaging onto the soles of the feet or your neck or chest.


Other products to try!



While not an essential oil, our Rejuvente bath salt is excellent for long soaks in the tub when your sick. Its cooling blend of camphorous and mint oils help open the airways and relax the mind and body. This salt is also packed full of nutrients like essential minerals that help balance the body.


A good night's sleep is very important when you aren't feeling your best. Find better rest with this blend of essential oils that can help promote sleepiness and deep relaxation.


If you can't stay home to rest, then bring aromatherapy with you by wearing an aromatherapy bracelet. Simply add a few drops of Protect blend or Eucalyptus, let absorb into the lava stone, and be on your way!


Many essential oils have antibacterial and antiviral properties. This mist is a unique blend of essential oils that have those benefits.
Note: Essential oils are not a substitution for a doctor or medicine. If you are feeling ill or have severe symptoms of an illness, please see your doctor. This article is not intended as medical advice. Always make sure to do a patch test for irritation before applying essential oils.
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